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16 Oct 2017

Six Good Reason to combine PR and Content Marketing. Plus, How Social Media Can Drive Success on Your Content Marketing Special Guest Abbie Fink from HMA Public Relations

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

Eric Olsen and Rebecca Ogle; Content Writing Specialist at Fasturtle discuss 6 good reasons to combine content marketing and PR plus how social media has changed and is driving business success. Fasturtle has created a social media dashboard that helps companies of all sizes manage their social media accounts and create content to better engage with clients and prospects; visit https://www.fasturtle.com/so-shell/ to learn more. Abbie Fink of HMA Public Relations stops in to discuss how PR has changed over the years with the social media explosion and how HMA has helped companies manage their social media and public relations initiatives. For a free website assessment visit www.fasturtle.com or call 888-468-8785 today.

Link: Read more at http://fasturtle.moneyradionetwork.com/six-good-reason-to-combine-pr-and-content-markeitng-plus-how-social-media-can-drive-success-on-your-content-marketing-special-guest-abbie-fink-from-hma-public-relations#xp7OoO7ctGjgsZbI.99