How to make it, spend it, and invest it

Your Personal Bank

Host Ferenc Toth will discuss how in the weekly show – how to think like a banker versus an investor.
Your Personal Bank is a powerful financial tool used by the wealthy for centuries.
Everything we are experiencing in life, change seems daily. Technology. The way we Shop. With all the change in our lives, why are approaching our investments, our finances the same way we have always?
The Show that can change your financial life.
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Ferenc Toth’s Background and Experience

How the Ultra-Wealthy Often Think About Money  

How to Reduce Financial Stress

Taking Back Control of Your Money

Comparing rates of Return

How to Maximize Cash Growth and Minimize Taxes with Your Personal Bank

Passive Investor vs. Active Investor

Who Should Use Your Personal Bank?

What is Your Personal Bank?

How Does Your Personal Bank Really Work?

Who Should Consider Your Personal Bank?