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While the stock market may dip due to the PSYCHOLOGICAL effects of a recession or unexpected event, there is a big difference between a dip and a crash. As an investor, you are wise to understand that difference.  Unfortunately, scary headlines about BOTH often push skiddish investors to do the exact opposite of what they should do when a recession, a dip, or surprising event occurs.  Rather than seeing OPPORTUNITY, like professional investors do, many investors panic,  and end up selling high quality holdings at precisely the wrong time—destroying any chance of being successful over the long run.  They climb back in later, after licking their wounds, and locking in losses. Today, we’ll lay out the clear steps for protecting your retirement portfolio from the unexpected and setting yourself up to achieve long term goals. Then Medicare specialist Shelley Grandidge joins us for the Q & A.  A timely show you don’t want to miss MASTERING MONEY

Bull markets occur because more people buy near the TOP of a market than the bottom. Bear markets occur because more people SELL near the bottom than near the top.   How can investors navigate volatile markets while remaining calm through all types of financial environments? How can they systematically increase their total returns?  The key is to avoid emotional investing which leads to both euphoric and depressive behavior – which in turn can lead to poor decision-making. Today, you’ll learn the secret to better financial decision making, and it couldn’t come at a better time as we head into a period of both great risk and great opportunity. And, Fox Business Contributor Gary Kaltbaum joins us for analysis. Don’t miss today’s show–MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!  

As we get reminded often, women have a better chance of making it to age 100 than men — in fact, 82% of the 53,364 centenarians alive in 2010 were female. There are even more today.   The ratio of females to males age 100 remains pretty steady. It’s why you hear the statistic that eighty percent of men die married, while eighty percent of WOMEN… die single.  The big problem for women is that they may spend ten years or longer on their own after their husbands pass–at a time when they may not want to be messing with investments.  It’s been found that Baby Boomers’ number one financial fear is running out of money while still in their eighties and then living into their nineties dead broke while the government robs Social Security. We’ll see if that fear is justified today, and then health insurance expert SHELLEY GRANDIDGE joins us.   A timely show you don’t want to miss, MASTERING MONEY is on the air

Trying to guess the exact pinpoint time to get into a market is ridiculously hard (if not impossible). As legendary investor Warren Buffett has said many times, his goal is NOT perfect timing. His goal is to buy only assets of quality with enduring business models, and buy even more when they go on sale. Today, we tell the story of an experienced trader who went to cash in the summer of 2008, and his meticulous plan to enter back in. Don’t miss it. Then we provide details on the method that many successful investors–including Warren Buffett–to continuously improve their overall return.  Right now, that strategy is flashing GREEN. Don’t miss this special episode of Mastering Money!

Everybody wants to make money in the stock market. And– to an equal or maybe even greater degree–almost everybody hates LOSING money in the stock market!  Here’s the problem: If you are going to be successful over the long run, you’re going to see your share of winning and losing, ups and downs. Right when you think you have the world by the tail…. Boom. A correction. Right between the eyes. But experienced investors know it is just part of the game. No champion football team or baseball team quits when they get a few points or a few runs behind. But the question remains: with the economy in a tizzy, is this a good time to run away from the market–or TO the market with some of your money? And should you wait for the absolute perfect buying moment, or seize the opportunity in front of you? Today, we’ll dig deep into the pros and cons of investing right now, and how you may be able to ENHANCE your returns with a TIME PROVEN strategy!  You don’t want to miss today’s show, MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

Today on Mastering Money…It’s a MOTLEY FOOL MONDAY!! The Motley Fool Money Show is one of the most popular stock market TALK SHOWS in America, featuring timely insights from top market experts and heard by millions of listeners coast to coast—including Saturdays right here on Money Radio! After an update of the markets and today’s breaking financial news stories, we’ll take you to an exclusive broadcast of the Motley Fool Money Show–plus money-making and money-SAVING ideas from Steve you won’t want to miss! — MASTERING MONEY IS ON THE AIR!  

For experienced investors, the Chinese Wuhan Virus crash is creating bargains left and right in some of the most valuable stocks on the New York Stock Exchange. That said,nothing is a bargain in this world unless it serves a purpose and helps you achieve a goal.   Managing your own money to save a fee can work, but we all know the do-it-yourself approach seems to work BEST when markets are RISING! Rising markets tend to lift ALL boats.    In a bull market, EVERYONE  is a genius!  But the real measure of how well your portfolio is being managed is not so much when markets are UP, but more when markets fall flat and then reverse, as they have been the past few weeks.  Today, we’ll review the FOUR KEY QUESTIONS you should be asking yourself right now, and how to arrive at clear answers!  Then in segment 3, we’ll play some of Steve’s comments on the market from back in January to see how far ahead of the curve he was. You’ll find it VERY interesting!!  This is a show you DON’T want to miss…  MASTERING MONEY  is on the air!!! 

The Chinese Corona Virus crash—which is proving to be a legitimate bear market requiring government intervention to help fix—has exposed many of the popular big box  investment strategies  built on a weak foundation of mutual funds.   There’s nothing wrong with having a portion of your retirement money invested in the stock market. The market can be a source of great wealth over time. But when the market becomes your ONLY strategy, and you ignore the income and preservation piece in your financial plan, look out!! Almost all financial assets are being decimated. Even gold is going down. Interest rates on bonds are down–WAY DOWN. Amidst all of the turmoil, one financial asset has stood firm and tall, not losing a penny and paying owners exceptional benefits. We’ll review that asset in detail today.  An important show you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY  is on the air!!!