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Remember When a Half Million or a Million dollars in a 401(k) Meant Your Money Worries Were Over? Once upon a time achieving the million dollar milestone meant you could install the hammock on the porch of your oceanfront property and get out the pina colada’s! Not so much today! In fact, statistics show that there over fourteen million households with a net worth of more than a million dollars and guess what their number one fear is?  Running out of money. Today, we’ll explain why the worry is not illogical or irrational.  The math is a bit more worrisome than Wall Street brokers might have you believe. Then Steve will lay out the steps of putting a firewall between your income and growth capital so that you can actually STOP WORRYING about running out. A great show today that you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!

The explosion of products and services that have become available in the financial marketplace today are enough to bewilder even the most educated expert. But there are very few vehicles that have generated as much controversy in both public and professional forums as variable annuities. Variable annuities are a blend of higher risk investment with contractual income guarantees. There are pros and cons. There are good times to own one, and there are bad times. While fixed, fixed index and immediate annuities have zero fee deductions for management and servicing– and very few moving parts– the opposite is true with variable annuities. Variable annuities are built with MANY moving parts and can have a remarkably high fee structure. Today, we’ll look under the hood and examine what you need to know about variable annuities, plus three key tips on building retirement wealth the SMART way.  Don’t miss today’s show, MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!

The Federal Reserve has reversed course and will likely be keeping interest rates low for a while. Good news for borrowers, bad for savers and retirees. Bond interest rates are at one hundred year lows. Once upon a time,  a million dollars in treasury bonds would pay a retiree seventy thousand dollars a year, guaranteed for ten to thirty years.  Today, that same ten-year treasury bond is paying under two and a half percent, meaning you would be tying up your money for ten years at a measly twenty-three thousand dollars a year. Today, learn which annuities can still pay you an income of seven percent for life, without risking a penny in the stock market and while remaining in control of your principal. Then health and Medicare insurance expert Shelley Grandidge joins us for the Q & A. A big show you don’t want to miss. MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!

Radio guru Dave Ramsey has come under fire of late as it has been learned that the financial advisors he refers his seven million listeners to– sell upfront loaded mutual funds! These front-loaded funds charge customers an upfront fee to pay a commission to the advisor, which is deducted directly from the investors principal–while guaranteeing nothing to the client in the way of principal protection or reliable retirement income. Mr. Ramsey is justifiably recognized for his work at helping young people get out of debt and pay off mortgages, but his RETIREMENT investing advice has been called into question by sources like Money Magazine. Today, we’ll provide a mini-course on mutual funds from front load to no-load, then Steve reviews five tips for building retirement wealth the SMART WAY. Mastering Money is on the air!!

Today on Mastering Money…It’s a MOTLEY FOOL MONDAY!! The Motley Fool Money Show is one of the most popular stock market talk shows in America, featuring top market experts and heard by millions of listeners—including Saturdays right here on Money Radio! After an update of the markets and today’s breaking financial news stories, we’ll take you to an exclusive broadcast of the Motley Fool Money Show–plus a special update from Steve you won’t want to miss! — MASTERING MONEY IS ON THE AIR!

In 1875, the American Express Company established the first pension fund for employees in the United States. Due to favorable tax laws, pension plans quickly became a staple of the American workforce. By 1980, 35.9 million workers, or 46% of all private sector workers and almost all government workers retired on pensions. In 1978, however, the U.S. Congress passed the Revenue Act of 1978, which resulted in the first 401(k) plan. Since then, pensions are getting fewer and farther between. And many of the plans remaining, are suddenly on shaky ground. According to the Wall Street Journal, the long bull market has failed to fix the shortfalls. Today we’ll review a Wall Street Journal report on why it’s happening and how it’s happening, then Steve reviews today’s best paying annuities. Don’t miss today’s show. MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!

Historically, there’s a 91% chance of the market giving you a positive return over any particular 10 year period.  Here’s the problem: the 91 percent of positive ten year periods have come AFTER recessions and poor markets. The worst ten year periods have come after long bull market expansions, much like we are in now.   That’s an important thing to consider if when you are deciding how much of your money should be in the market, and how much OUT of the market–especially if you are of retirement age.  We all know bull markets don’t last forever, but how should you be allocating your money right now to both keep your money safer AND to have the opportunity to grow your dividends and future income? We’ll talk about it today on a show you don’t want to miss. MASTERING MONEY is on the air!

The stock market has entered unchartered territory.  Interest rates on bonds are too low to live on. Politics is a mess. China wants to take over the world, and if they aren’t stopped, they just might do it by the time Baby Boomers are entering assisted living. Democrats want to spend trillions that we don’t have on climate change and making the switch to one hundred percent green energy—even though the world’s most populous countries—China and India—don’t really care about going green.   Newsflash—if THEY don’t go green, it really won’t matter too much if we do. Today, we’ll explore what would happen to the stock market and the economy if liberals ever control all three branches of government, then Gary Kaltbaum joins us…A big show you don’t want to miss MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!