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Let’s face it. There are a million financial talk show hosts out there all of them can recite chapter and verse of the daily market trends. But, how many can give your listeners an inside look at what’s happening in the market? Gary Kaltbaum brings decades of experience and a no-nonsense approach to politics and investing.

Futures reverse down as China puts tariffs on the U.S. in a retaliatory measure. Powell yaps today. Thrilled yet that we cannot have a day with central bank or trade noise?

Our stance remains…China is a bad player but this administration has read China all wrong. They are not lying down and are not going to lie down and we promise you one thing…if this escalates, look out. Not kidding.

Have a great weekend.

Good day yesterday but after scanning 1500 names, 200 sectors, every country…any rally continues to be narrow in that there is just not a lot of leadership. To sustain rallies, you need to be more broad based. So…let’s hope this narrowness changes.

SOFTWARE had a great day as a few names edged out of range and a bunch of names that broke support recently woke up and tried to turn up.

We will really need to see the big 4 indices get back above the 50 day and then set up better. Otherwise, we will see more back and forth nausea. The recent lows look like they are the lows for this second but leave no doubt, any break will invite institutional selling as the biggies recognize market is giving up.

Lots of noise soon as Powell yaps and the prez continues to loudly jawbone for a whole 1 point rate cut and more printed money. This sickens us as it screws savers, enables more massive debt, distorts price more and more and guarantees when these central bank-induced asset prices break, it will be holy hell. We really hope we are wrong. By they way, the pres used to rail against the Obama/Bernanke easy money. Funny how things change when you are behind the desk in the oval office.

A few notes:

TGT numbers really good and even better reaction. Could be the start of a move. Do not believe the many saying HD and LO numbers were strong. They hardly grew sales and earnings but of course, beat the number.

Since people continue to ask, as long as BYND stays below the 50 day, there is no reason to jump on…and even though it just got an upgrade, valuation remains a joke…and yes, the analyst liked it because of valuation. Sure!

Yields are moving back up a wee bit. We continue to believe that the rally into 8/15 felt climactic…for now. Just means too extended and too frothy have to be worked off before attempting to move higher.

Market sells into close yesterday. Gets it back on a gap today.

Germany sells 30 year bonds negative…economy contracting…market up.

Central banks in hyper-drive now lowering rates and the president calling for more printing of money here after railing against Obama and Bernanke for their easy money.

TGT with the big gap on strong numbers. LOW with the strong gap on crappy numbers…on top of HD doing the same yesterday.

The past two weeks lows continue to hold. A break sends another stair step to the downside. No break today.

Fed minutes today to tell us what they thought weeks ago and Powell yapping at the end of the week.


Futures are flat. No really. No 300 points to the upside or 500 points to the downside.

We are not as thrilled as some with the latest jack to the upside. but we recognize Powell got some things going on this week and the great socialist President Trump jawboning Powell for not only lowering rates by a whole point but wants more printing of money. The president used to rail against Bernanke and Obama for their easy money. My how things change once in power.

Ok…socialist Gary? You are calling the president a socialist? Well,…giving away $28 billion of our tax dollars to farmers because of tariffs is socialism. Raising federal spending on 2 budgets by $600 billion is socialism. Running $1 trillion yearly deficits is socialism. Of course, there are levels of socialism…and this president is nowhere near the nightmares of Sanders and Warren but nevertheless, we expected much better. Hopefully he sees the error of his ways but so far, nothing doing.

Taking our time here.