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Let’s face it. There are a million financial talk show hosts out there all of them can recite chapter and verse of the daily market trends. But, how many can give your listeners an inside look at what’s happening in the market? Gary Kaltbaum brings decades of experience and a no-nonsense approach to politics and investing.

——Over the weekend, we will have thoughts on the latest debate…AND…we were suspended from Twitter for 12 hours. We will tell you why and just how ridiculous and biased the platform may be. In the meantime:—-
—–We think a decent chance of a little change of complexion here. After all, there has hardly been a respite in the market as it has made its way higher. This is especially so for the higher beta growth areas which are beyond extended from the norm. Recently, we have seen a bunch of moves that could only be considered what we call “Eiffel Tower” moves and we have seen it it names like SPCE that has no sales…but hey, they will fly people into space. Normally markets get to the point where they must work off that froth before going higher. One can never be 100% certain especially with maniacal central banks at the ready (they were yapping their bs this morning)…but thinking we may be at some sort of inflection point. Doesn’t mean the end of the world. Doesn’t mean any pullback won’t be short-lived. Just be on notice there is a chance the complexion may have changed. Specific areas of the market have been way overdue. After all, the NASDAQ was up almost double digits this year and it is not even March. Again, it may just be a return to some normality. Normality is not a bad thing.

Gee…we had no idea the numbers coming out of China would be wrong!

Futures down a bit on the news the virus numbers much higher. We just want to point out the obvious that things are stretched and extended and in dire need of some pulling back, particularly NASDAQ-types. Any pullback is actually good news for the bulls as higher prices needs pullbacks.

Of course, they can just jump all over the market again and buy it up. In the past week or two, we had some virus-related drops that were wiped away almost immediately. Just keep in mind that this market is riding on a sea of easiness as Powell going nuts with his “under-reported and un-reported” massive money printing operation we call NOT QE. Central banks around the globe are now pikers compared to what Powell is doing. Do not believe a word that it is NOT QE. He is doing exactly what Bernanke did, but more, when we were still worried about a financial crisis and an economic meltdown. Stay tuned!