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The Clark Howard Podcast

Clark Howard is the watchdog for consumers everywhere, and we feel Clark is a perfect fit. Protecting your wallet and keeping you apprised of the latest in consumer technology every weekday.

Clark tells you how to handle a scenario in which you can’t pay rent. The key is communication.

The SBA lending progress is still tied up. Clark talks about what is happening on the ground and the changes he would like to see implemented.

The housing market is experiencing a bit of turmoil right now. Many buyers are putting off their search right now. But Clark doesn’t think that the housing market will experience a prolonged downturn.

Some private student loan lenders are extending forbearance to borrowers.

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Clark interviews Ashley Bell from the SBA in order to find out more on the Paycheck Protection Program and Economic Injury Disaster Loans.

The DOL has issued guidelines to states on unemployment relief. States will now have to write new code on their sites in order to handle the requests

There are great free resources out there for people suffering mental health consequences due to Covid-19.

Clark discusses how to reach out for mortgage relief. If you have a loan with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and have lost your job or faced reduced income because of Covid-19 you qualify for loan forbearance.

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The PPP is off to a really slow start. Clark discusses.

We’ve got more information on stimulus checks. Clark discusses what we know now.

Some companies are doing great work right now helping their customers. Clark highlights a few.

Creating a will is a great idea right now. Clark tells you how to proceed.

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Clark talks about the important updates on how PPP is being implemented and what the latest is with unemployment insurance claims.

Sheltering in places works to keep us safer…and it’s better for the future of our economy.

Zoom has gotten some flack for their lack of proper privacy protections for users. Clark mentions some alternatives you should consider.

Robo advisors are seeing people sign up in droves. They do a good job helping people allocate their investments properly.

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Clarifications have been made about who will receive stimulus money from the government and when that money will come.

State unemployment agencies are still trying to figure out how they process all of the new unemployment claims.

Some people are touting Covid-19 remedies that don’t work. Watch out for this.

Stores are stepping up deliveries. Clark talks about how Walgreens is expanding its delivery services right now.

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The details of the PPP and EIDL programs are a little murky. Clark brings as much clarity as possible to a situation that is rapidly moving trying to help small businesses stay afloat during these difficult times. This article from the Wall Street Journal gives some important details on Paycheck Protection. You can also learn more on the SBA website about PPP here. And if you qualify for an EIDL, this is where you can apply for that relief loan.

What happens if you can’t pay rent? Clark tells you how to talk to your landlord and what rights you have right now. This USA Today article offers some important details on your rights as a renter right now.

The three major health insurers are waiving individual health costs incurred due to Covid-19. Some welcome news in these troubled times.

AirBnb is helping hosts cover their costs right now. It’s a very different stance from the one VRBO is taking.

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SBA.gov is the place to apply for economic injury disaster loans. And $10k in funds can be received in the form of a grant if spent on paid leave, maintaining payroll, increased business costs due to Coronavirus disruption, and mortgage or lease obligations that can’t currently be met.

Amazon, Whole Foods, and Instacart employees are not happy about current working conditions. Some are walking out on the job. Amazon employees are saying that they aren’t being given proper safety aids like masks, gloves, and antiseptics.

Clark talks about how you handle your money until the Stimulus bill funds get into our hands.

Scams are on the rise as Coronavirus worries abound.

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Funds will soon be flowing to the states for Americans filing for unemployment. Clark discusses more of the details we now know.

The stock market continues to be volatile. Clark tells you what this means for your investments.

Gas prices are down although Americans are driving far less these days. And the Real ID law implementation has been delayed for a year.

Thanks to the stimulus bill, you can take money out of your 401k without penalty. But should you? Probably not.

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