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25 Oct 2019

Seg 1 Lisa Lloyd, Owner Lisa Lloyd Marketing group and Founder the Inventor’s Association of Arizona

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

Lisa’s success began with her idea for a barrette. She patented the idea and licensed the product The product is now sold in stores around the world and has generated over $20M globally!

Since then Lisa has licensed 6 more products to major distributors including Goody Products®, Scunci®. and Helen of Troy®. In 2007 Lisa in-licensed a patent from an inventor and took on the challenge to further develop, patent, manufacture and launch a new line of plush products called TC Pets for which she has won numerous awards and been featured on the ABC reality show Shark Tank where she won the coveted investment of “Shark” Daymond John of FUBU.

Additionally Lisa is the founder of the Lisa Lloyd Marketing group and the  Inventor’s Association of Arizona and has been consultant for hundreds of small businesses and startups