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1 May 2017

Own Your Brand and Reputation Online; The Best Online Reputation Management Services Every Business Needs to Use! Plus how United Airlines could have done a better job.

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

Eric Olsen and Graham Ware discuss the top 9 online reputation management services every business can implement. 92% of consumers now read online reviews and 40% of consumers only read one to three reviews before forming a decision to move forward. As a business, you NEED to own your online reputation and monitor what is being said about you and your business online. Visit to run https://www.fasturtle.com/reputation-monitoring/ scan on your reputation. The guys review the United Airlines passenger debacle and how they could have done a better job with the online reaction. Special guest, Jackie Wright with Rainmaker Integrated and PR. Jackie Wright, Eric, and Graham discuss PR crisis strategies and how companies should develop a plan of action for their employees and online communication.