How to make it, spend it, and invest it

10 Jul 2015

Millennial Money Club 7/10/15

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

Today on the Millennial Money Club, Jason Scott and Jason Mitchell are joined by Robert Wallace EVP of Tallwave. The guys will discuss money, funding and support for startup companies and products – Raising Capital – Crowd Funding – VC’s – Traditional Funding – Etc. This is a discussion on different ways companies are launching their dreams. As always MMC is joined by Matt Gottesman of HDFMagazine.com and University of San Francisco and Berkeley  Econ Prof. Mario Muzzi for “Today’s Lesson” on Money.  #MillennialMoneyClub #MMC #MoneyRadio #Pitfalls #Money #FundingYourDream #JasonMitchell #JasonScott #MattGottesman #TallWave