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9 Sep 2020

Mastering Money 9/9/20

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

The Wall Street Journal puts it this way: “The new coronavirus is a killer with a crowbar, breaking and entering human cells with impunity. It hitchhikes across continents carried on coughs and careless hands, driven by its own urgent necessity to survive. It has a gregarious side that makes it hard to resist. It loves a party. The persistent social climber claims its victims around the world by riding on moments of the most innocent of human interactions—a shared laugh, a conversation, an embrace. And it can kill you if you are older and have diabetes, heart issues, or lung problems. Worse yet, it can tear a nation apart politically, which it has. Today Steve and I review the Journal report with some facts that may shock you. Then Medicare and Health Insurance expert Shelley Grandidge joins us for the Q & A.  A really interesting show you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!