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11 Sep 2019

Mastering Money 9/11/19

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

Automation is threatening 25% of jobs in the U.S.– RIGHT NOW– according to the Brookings Institution, in a report covered both by CNBC and the Wall Street Journal. The disruption will hit certain people harder than others, including low-wage earners and men. Should a recession come, the move to automation will accelerate.  These are the findings of a new report by the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based think tank, titled:  Automation and Artificial Intelligence: How Machines Affect People and Places.  We all know the robots are coming, and it could spell trouble for the economy and our national debt–but HOW will this massive unstoppable trend affect YOU as a retired investor? Today we’ll review the findings of the study and what you can do to protect your retirement. Then travel agent extraordinaire RUBY KELLY joins us for the Q & A.  A power-packed show you don’t want to miss!   MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!