How to make it, spend it, and invest it

5 Mar 2020

Mastering Money 3/5/20

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

In 1892, the Eastman Kodak Company was born. It had been the brainchild of a 24 year old young man who became obsessed with capturing pictures for easy viewing.  In those early years if you would have asked George Eastman about Kodak’s business model, he would have said the company was somewhere between a chemical supply house and a dry goods purveyor (if dry plates can be considered dry goods). The company became a multi-billion dollar behemoth and one of the best stocks you could have owned in the middle of the last century. They even developed the first digital image technology, believe it or not. What did they do with it? We’ll tell you that story today, and it will shock you! Then Steve will answer the tough questions on annuities and dividend stocks. A fact filled show you don’t want to miss…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!