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14 Mar 2019

Mastering Money 3/14/19

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Critics of President Donald Trump’s tax plan to significantly reduce business and personal taxes warned that the cuts would send the deficit skyrocketing by dramatically shrinking federal revenues.   A study by economists at Deutsche Bank AG before the TCJA became the law indicated that the overall impact of President Trump’s tax cuts should not elicit so much angst and fear. In fact, the report said, its impact would be in line with the tax cuts made by two other Republican Presidents: Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.   Today, Steve and I will review a scorecard by a non-partisan think tank that calls the balls and strikes as they see them. Let’s find out how this new tax law is actually doing. Then travel expert Ruby Kelly of Ruby Kelly Travel joins us for the Q & A. You don’t want to miss today’s show…MASTERING MONEY  is on the air!!!