How to make it, spend it, and invest it

10 Mar 2020

Mastering Money 3/10/20

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

Money is in constant motion. It changes hands furiously in today’s automated world.  And, depending on the day, it’s estimated that nearly two hundred trillion dollars worth of currency, stocks, bonds, real estate and commodities exist world wide. The value of those assets rise and fall based on supply and demand, sometimes over long periods and cycles and sometimes over much shorter periods–like when an unexpected event occurs. The corona virus is the current event but it will be conquered by technology. But there is a much deeper megatrend that could take take your investments down, yet ironically is why the market could soon make a startling recover. We’ll review exactly what that megatrend is for you today…don’t miss it  MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!