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3 Nov 2020

Mastering Money 11/3/20

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

As America heads to the polls in what may be the most contested election of all time, you may still be on the fence regarding who to vote for. That’s understandable.  It has been contentious, yet weird in many ways. We saw the first VIRTUAL campaign ever run—based almost entirely on TV ads,  funded by the biggest advertising budget ever–while their candidate spent more time in his Delaware mansion than campaigningl. He held a grand total of zero press conferences where a range of reporters could ask unrehearsed questions. Mr. Biden, who turns 78 in a week or so, seems challenged when away from the teleprompter.  If you are a progressive,  you are happy to see Joe Biden leading many polls, running almost entirely on the fact that he is NOT Donald Trump….AND,  it might work!!  You personally might hate Trump. If so, and you haven’t voted yet, let’s find out today exactly what you DON’T LIKE about Donald Trump.  Y’see we’ve got a list of little known facts that might shock you, don’t miss it. Then we’ll talk about Biden’s tax plan…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!