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14 Jan 2021

Mastering Money 1/14/21

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

The lithium-ion battery has played an integral role in powering the modern-day world – but questions remain about its environmental impact.  The rechargeable batteries, which are used in everything from mobile phones to electric cars,  are in constant daily use globally to power the portable electronics we use to communicate, work, study, listen to music and search for knowledge.  Oil companies have been castigated for disruption of wildlife and the eco system. But the mushrooming need for lithium and cobalt to keep making bigger and bigger batteries is touching off a lithium war, and in the process, actually may be polluting parts of the earth far more than fossil fuels. Prepare to be shocked by today’s special report on the dirty, filthy, battery industry. Then we’ll review 401k and IRA rollover strategies.   A great show you don’t want to miss….MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!