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12 Jan 2021

Mastering Money 1/12/21

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

As you are going about your daily business, you may be unaware that hundreds of micro-satellite networks are being launched at a pace that could not have happened just 24 months ago. According to the Wall Street Journal, At least 16 companies are working on launching similar types of “micro” or “nano” satellite networks. Each is leveraging different combinations of wireless technologies, satellite sizes and onboard capabilities. The objective, to keep track of everything from farm animals, to penguins, to elephants, to Amazon packages,  and much much more. Many of these satellites are no bigger than a lunchbox. We’ll review a fascinating Wall Street Journal Report and then Steve explains the new Performance Trigger strategy that can turn a zero percent gain into a ten percent gain, guaranteed in writing and protected against loss!!   You don’t want to miss TODAY’S show….MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!