How to make it, spend it, and invest it

25 Mar 2020


Post by MoneyRadio Staff

We now tape radio that airs at 6 pm because of the virus situation. When we taped today, we made sure to mention that the nasdaq/tech/sox were doing the opposite of Monday. On Monday, they led big time. Today, lagging. Markets sold off into the close led by guess what? Those areas. Not sure what that means but we always want “risk” areas leading.

Markets were hit because “the bill” may be stalled. But let’s be clear, a bill will get done soon. Odds favor more upside testing but today’s petering out is of note.

Just lots of stuff off the bottom after basically crashing. And of course, we are going to see a lot more than $6 trillion coming out of these numb skulls so anything possible. If the deal is signed and markets still sell off?