How to make it, spend it, and invest it

14 Aug 2017

Graham Ware and Eric Olsen talk about the hottest topics for tech news and online marketing. Apple, Amazon and others new work from home workforce. Facebook is launching Watch their online video streaming platform to rival YouTube. The guys discuss settin

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

Fasturtle Pro’s talk about leveraging technology to increase the work from home workforce. Amazon, Apple, and others lead the charge. Facebook is jumping into the streaming video space and is launching Watch. This is their answer to YouTube and they are looking for and buying new content. What would Graham Do? How to create an awesome Google Adwords campaign to target specific regions and geographical area. It’s never too early to talk about the holidays; GW and EO talk about how to create an effective holiday paid and effective internet marketing program with pixel tracking, reporting and conversion points. For a FREE website assessment visit www.fasturtle.com or call 888-468-8785