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9 Aug 2019

8.9.19 DOT rules for flight passengers with food allergies; Buyers market for SUVs; When to take Social Security

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

Complaints against American Airlines have been filed for their refusal to accommodate passengers with nut or any food allergies. The DOT has determined American was putting people in harm’s way. Now airlines are required to accommodate those with food allergies, which comprise 1.5% of the population. While other airlines have done away with nut snacks, American continues to serve them,  allowing pre-boarding to wipe down seats for designated passengers. They need to take the next step and stop serving nuts.

Now there are too many SUVs so it’s a buyers market. New SUV’s outnumber equilibrium (a  theoretical 60 day supply).  This massive oversupply of SUVs gives buyers negotiating power. It really pays right now to comparison shop online using the pricing services.

Clark discusses: When is the best time to take Social Security?

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