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8 Aug 2019

8.8.19 Social Security account hacking; School hours for teens; Best family cell plans

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

Social security hacking is a rare but ongoing crime, wherein a criminal hijacks someone’s social security benefit, convincing the authorities of an address and bank account change. Impersonating you, the criminal starts receiving your benefit. Criminals will also apply before you do – just in advance of your 62nd birthday, while you may be planning to take the benefit years later.  Set up an account at MySocialSecurity.gov long before you’re eligible to receive the benefit. If an address change is attempted, you get an alert letter. This account allows you to monitor your benefit. Pay attention to alerts and letters. And before you ever call social security – verify the number given to avoid ss scams.

It’s back-to-school time for many districts in the country and for most, the morning bell rings way too early. The early bell is a convenience for working parents, but it’s not what’s best for kids. Adolescent circadian rhythms have been studied. Kids this age are night owls for whom getting enough sleep is critical to development. They perform better if school starts later. Some school districts have made the adjustment. One district at a time…..

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