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9 Mar 2020

3.9.20 Coronavirus market impact; Coronvirus scams proliferate; Avoid AT&T TV

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

The market is now past a 52 week low and global markets are in panic mode. Global markets are related to an undeclared war between Putin and the U.S. The U.S. has become the world’s most important energy market – natural gas and oil combined. Putin is exploiting the outbreak to undermine the U.S. economy in an attempt to destroy the U.S. hydraulic fracking industry by flooding the world market with oil Russian can produce at a cheaper price per barrel. Putin has engineered a collapse in the price of oil by making it clear he’ll flood the market beyond demand to starve the U.S. oil industry for revenue. This has led markets to expect recession. Oil prices collapsed by unprecedented amounts today. Unless this corrects in the next several days, we’ll see a 30 to 50 cent per gallon drop in gas prices over the next few weeks. But Putin’s long game is to destabilize the U.S. using the backdrop of depressed demand for fuel due to the outbreak, as a way to drive a dagger through the U.S. economy.

The SEC has released several warnings about phony emails circulating claiming treatments and cures for coronavirus. These ‘pumps and dumps’ are occurring heavily in social media and elsewhere, claiming biomedical breakthroughs. In reality, crooks buy stock in a failed enterprise and try to bid up the price by lying to people. As soon as they run the price up, they sell their shares and investors are left with nothing. Be wary of ‘incredible opportunities’ to score money. State and federal authorities are also warning against fake charities soliciting to provide relief to coronavirus victims. Only give to organizations you know are real to avoid the scams.

AT&T TV is being heavily marketed at $49.99 – but after clicking to sign up, the junk fees kick in. There are massive penalties to cancel a 2 year contract. No other streaming service asks that. Sleazy, underhanded, deceptive and wrong. Driven by fear and desperation, they impose a 2 year contract and only tell you the price for the first year, but you can’t get out of the second year at double price + junk fees – without paying a massive termination fee. Ridiculous. DirecTV and AT&T internet customers will get the pitch. Know it’s garbage and there are much better alternatives. Hopefully AT&T will come to its senses and compete with integrity. Rebuttal welcome. This is a lousy way to treat brand loyal customers and others. Their other streaming service, AT&T TV NOW gives you the ability to cancel with no penalty. Confusing much? See our streaming guide  

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