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2 Mar 2020

3.2.20 Pharmacies exiting supermarkets; Cheapest cell phone plans for low usage

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

The pharmacy business is shifting and market share is moving to a smaller number of players. CVS and Walgreens are taking a huge volume of prescriptions. Many with employer insurance use mail order pharmacies. Others are free agents using supermarkets, warehouse clubs or independent pharmacies. If you don’t have pharmacy benefits, check your options. Take Walmart’s $4 Rx list with you to doctor appointments for direct prescribing there and save. Know that the cheapest overall place is Costco pharmacy, and Good Rx provides transparency and potential discounts. Some pharmaceutical manufacturers provide help with costly prescriptions. Some PBM – pharmacy benefit managers via employment – will not approve some costly meds. If you have an Rx benefit that turns you down for coverage, many drug companies offer enormous help with a coupon to obtain that med free for a year or at a monthly discount. The more questions you ask and the more you look around, the more you’ll save.

See our continually updated cell phone plan guide to pay as little as you can for reliable service. Now there’s a plan offering unlimited talk and text for free, via ads- from TextNow, with a $10 SIM card. Unlimited data with Wi-Fi, otherwise talk & text only when roaming. TING allows use over multiple networks including Verizon and Sprint, and offers purchase of minutes and text blocks for under $10 a month. You can also buy data, but it’s not a deal if you need a lot. 

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