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10 Mar 2020

3.10.20 Hidden advisor fees; Hoarding in the wake of coronavirus; Keep your internet browsing private

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

It’s hard to know how your financial advisor is being paid. And it recently became even more difficult to figure it out. The CFP board is no longer noting how planners are paid on the site LetsMakeAPlan.org. Since the CFP board isn’t going to help consumers out, you’ll need to help yourself and ask your advisor specific questions before you enter into a relationship. And make sure that any planner you choose to work with is a fee-only planner who has a fiduciary responsibility to his or her clients.

‘Limit 5 per member’ – seen at Costco regarding sanitation wipes as people were trying to buy entire palette quantities. In times of uncertainty, people tend to hoard. There’s been a run on hand sanitizers and toilet paper as well. Think through what you actually need. We need to make sure there’s enough for all. Hoarders create false shortages. Manufacturers catch up and supplies are restored so don’t take on more than you need. Think before you buy too much.

Cable monopolies are fighting new regulation to restrict their spying on consumer internet activity for sale. Receiving free Google services in return for data sales is one thing. But most of us are prisoners of a monopoly internet provider. We’re paying huge money for access while they’re spying on all we do and selling it off. Google at least now allows you to see and delete their collected info on you and set up auto deletion. Maine passed a law requiring privacy and the state is being sued by the cable monopolies, alleging Maine is discriminating against them. Firefox to the rescue with a new, free encrypted service to cut off almost all spying from the cable monopolies. Defeat their lobbying power in a now corrupted Congress by using the Firefox encrypted browser and surf in relative privacy. Those who said the only way to preserve privacy is to carry no tech and separate from the grid have turned out to be right.

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