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27 Dec 2019

12.27.19 Americans are moving less; Healthcare costs are a major American concern

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

Historically, 1 in 5 Americans move each year. But the Census Bureau finds we are relocating at a much lower rate today, closer to 1 in 10 moving each year. People are staying put, primarily because dual incomes make it more difficult to move. This save people money over time. There’s enormous cost in both selling and buying a home – generally 10% in and 10% out. One important exception: It’s better for your net worth bottom line to move out of a deteriorating neighborhood. It’s worth it to sell and move on because it can take decades for neighborhood home values to recover. 

The Financial Times of London did a poll concerning American attitudes about healthcare. Premiums, copays and deductibles have gotten huge, so even with coverage, we’re exposed to how unbelievably expensive healthcare is in the U.S. The FT survey found healthcare cost is considered the number one economic threat to our nation in many states. Healthcare consumes 20% of the nation’s economy. We can not prosper as a nation in global competition with 1 of every 5 dollars of economic output being swiped by healthcare, It’s one out of $10 -$12 elsewhere. That gap is devastating to us. We must address this. Hospitals are freaking over new cost disclosure rules. We should have the right to know costs in advance. 

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