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28 Jan 2020

1.28.20 Google ad result confusing changes; Car insurance auto rates rising

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

Google search results now present in a way making it more difficult to distinguish between results and ads. Anyone can be buying those ads which could be scams, rip offs and fake companies. Legit ads are also there but you should know what’s an ad. There’s almost no delineation anymore to tell you something is an ad. “Ad” is in tiny type and they can be mistaken for search results. You need to know to look past those. Also, we generally don’t get past the first page of search results. Take more time to refine your search. Or use DuckDuckGo as your default search engine for clean search results, no tracking.

MarketWatch reports a huge number of homeless veterans are eligible for special housing vouchers designed for vets from the Vietnam and first Gulf wars. 11,000 of the vouchers now go unused. Veterans need to know there is this great voucher program available from the VA. Make sure any vets you know are aware of the housing voucher program.

Auto insurance rates have gone up roughly 50% in 8 years. For a time, fatality rates were way up due to device distraction, subsiding now with state texting-while-driving laws. WIRED points out a new pain point. If you’re cited for texting while driving your insurance rates will go up 20 – 25%. Another rate hike factor involves the high safety tech in cars today. Vehicles now have so many safety devices that accidents are less severe, happening less often. But ironically, a simple fender bender can render a vehicle totaled by the insurance company, as so much tech is in the fender, they don’t want to repair it. Often a single airbag will deploy, and they’ll total the vehicle out. All these totals is having an impact on rates. As vehicles turn over in the fleet, cars get safer overall. In 2021 Ford will install tech allowing vehicles to communicate. The problem of sun glare will be addressed by red light dash warnings. Safety measures so much a part of the future, will bend this curve on insurance rates.

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