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1 Jan 2020

1.1.20 Healthier snack options; Buying a money-saving car

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

Some workplaces now have the open vending room, equipped with digital cameras. You can register a credit card via fingerprint for ongoing charges, or pay per use. Half the options available are fresh, healthy choices. Improved vending choices is a trend around the country. The industry national association has an agreement to self regulate and make 1 out of 3 choices healthy in 2020. Much of this trend is being driven by consumers. People are choosing fruit, protein bars and other healthier snacks. Also the industry is terrified of the kind regulation or prohibitions surrounding soft drinks.  

Barron’s published an article about how difficult it is for Uber & Lyft drivers to make money, unless they buy a used, high fuel economy vehicle. With a 4 year old Toyota Prius at $13 – 14K averaging 50 miles a gallon, it’s possible to make a decent living as a gig driver. The cost of the wheels and fuel is core to being profitable as a driver. This also pertains to sales workers given driving allowances. The Tesla Effect is also in play. Tesla has been so popular with luxury drivers, it’s devastated the resale value of used European and German luxury vehicles. Today you can find a 3 year old lux car priced in the mid-teens. This is a unique situation in the market. Figure in the overall slowdown in vehicles sales as well, used vehicles are a great deal now. The oversupply of new vehicles piling up on dealers lots means you may be able to buy new for the price of a 1 or 2 year old used vehicle. Use the current distortions in the market right now to your advantage.

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