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Are you a business owner? Are you maximizing the internet and social media to GROW your business? Then you need to check out Money Radio’s NEWEST show… Fasturtle’s Digital Pros with Eric Olsen and Graham Ware. These two digital wizards will educate and give you the latest information on ALL things digital… Social Media, SEO, PPC and digital engagement.

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Eric Olsen and Graham Ware discuss Amazons recent plan to hire 2000 marketers over the next three years and what that means for small business owners. Looking at the importance for small business owners to integrate Amazon advertising and services to grow their business. Special guest Annie DeCoster from Arizona Self-Storage Association drops in to discuss the growth of storage facilities in the United States and the importance of local search advertising.

Eric Olsen and Graham Ware talk about the latest in the world of tech. Visit www.fasturtle.com/blog to see if you were impacted by the latest Equifax breach. A marketer’ s guide to tracking online campaigns and what are cookies anyway and why are they out there? Secure your website with an SSL from Fasturtle at www.fasturtle.com/blog. Remember to visit www.fasturtle.com/blog for all the latest digital marketing trends and for a FREE website assessment.

Eric Olsen and Bryan O’Connor discuss the importance of setting ups CRM system to track incoming leads. The top CRM platforms, ZOHO, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce in implement and how to create a landing page, form fill and sales success through best practices in sales automation. Visit fasturtle.com for your FREE website assessment and top 8 digital mistakes companies continue to make. Call 888-468-8785 today to speak to a representative.

Eric Olsen and Bret Levreau discuss the techniques every business needs to create a complete digital marketing strategy surrounding a Local SEO. This strategy includes building citations, local link building, SERP click through rates, mastering local reviews and much much more. Remember to check out www.fasturtle.com for the latest Tips and trends.

Fasturtle Pro’s talk about leveraging technology to increase the work from home workforce. Amazon, Apple, and others lead the charge. Facebook is jumping into the streaming video space and is launching Watch. This is their answer to YouTube and they are looking for and buying new content. What would Graham Do? How to create an awesome Google Adwords campaign to target specific regions and geographical area. It’s never too early to talk about the holidays; GW and EO talk about how to create an effective holiday paid and effective internet marketing program with pixel tracking, reporting and conversion points. For a FREE website assessment visit www.fasturtle.com or call 888-468-8785

Graham Ware and Eric Olsen talk about the big Amazon job fair and what that means to businesses on getting in on the e-commerce game. How can retailers and consultants integrate selling online? Know your marketing data! Retail industry exploding with software jobs. Snopes.com struggles to stay afloat based on being taken hostage by their website contractor. Visits www.fasturtle.com or call 888-468-8785 for a free website assessment. 

Today’s epic episode with the Fasturtle Digital Pro’s Graham Ware and Aaron Johnson discuss how Net Neutrality impacts businesses and consumers.  To learn more visit www.battleforthenet.com.  We also discuss how ADA Lawyers are going after businesses claiming business owner websites are not ADA Compliant and some useful information YOU need to know.  With Google being hit with a $2.7 Billion anti-trust violation in the E.U. we also discussed how media publications are trying to solidify relationships with tech giants like Google and Facebook.