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Are you a business owner? Are you maximizing the internet and social media to GROW your business? Then you need to check out Money Radio’s NEWEST show… Fasturtle’s Digital Pros with Eric Olsen and Graham Ware. These two digital wizards will educate and give you the latest information on ALL things digital… Social Media, SEO, PPC and digital engagement.

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Voice Search technology presents a big opportunity for changing the way we communicate and process information. The rise of digital assistants has presented a growing market that can change the way search queries are performed. According to Google, by 2020 50% of searches will be from voice so what can you do to come up with these results and how does content impact this?  Tune in and hear from Fasturtle Digital Pro’s Graham Ware and Rebecca Ogle!

Eric Olsen and Graham Ware of Fasturtle Digital discuss strategic digital initiatives that many businesses made that helped drive massive Black Friday & Cyber Monday online sales records.  Tune in and listen to what your business can do to prepare for the largest donation/giving days at the end of December and whether you are a For-Profit or Non-Profit, establishing a partnership can be mutually beneficial to both parties digital footprint.  

Did you know that by 2020 it is expected that nearly 50% – 60%  of all website traffic will be from voice search queries?  Fasturtle Digital Pro’s gives a live demo on how consumers are using Voice Search and what you can do to optimize your website to ensure you come up for voice search results.  

Description; Eric and Graham your Fasturtle Digital Pro’s talk about the top tips to ramp up your holiday advertising. How to target niche search volume for your services and products using SEO, PPC, Facebook, and Google. Special guest’s Scott Butler and Mandy Pearson with Sutter’s Mill Specialties stops in to discuss their incredible laser engraved promotional merchandise and how they utilize online and traditional marketing to grow their business. Check out www.suttersmill.com for all your high-end promotional merchandise needs and as always visit www.fasturtle.com to learn more about digital marketing and to receive your FREE digital assessment or call 888-468-8785.

The boys discuss the latest trends in tech and digital marketing as well as the explosion of video content. How to do it? Why you need to do it? And how easy and affordable it can be with Fasturtle video production services. Visit www.fasturtle.com to learn more. Eric and Graham are joined by Rick Dircks, EVP, and Natalie McDonald, Marketing Coordinator of Dircks Moving and Logistics to talk about growing a business from an idea in 1990 into one of AZ’s best moving companies. We discussed how Dircks has integrated their website, SEO, social media and reputation monitoring to increase their brand awareness, lead generation, and overall customer satisfaction while minting the “high touch” customer service. Visit www.dircks.com to learn more about this amazing company and remember to visit www.fasturtle.com for all your marketing tips and FREE website assessment.

Fasturtle is supporting Railroad Fest an awesome concert and community event here in downtown Phoenix. Railroad Fest is November 3rd from 7PM to Midnight. All proceeds benefit impoverished children here in Phoenix thru Skyline Wishbuilders 501-c3. Beer by Fourpeaks Brewery, Music by Ultimate Bon Jovi, Fuel It, Chad Rubin and DJ Wolf 1. Railroad Art and beer games. Bryan O’Connor and Eric Olsen talk Google analytics and the applied reporting metrics that are ROI driven to really show success for companies and firms alike. What does the data mean? Let’s get into the weeds and see if we are making money thru digital marketing. Megan Word from Foundation for Senior Living talks about National Family Caregiver Month, Arizona Charitable tax credit and what has worked and what hasn’t worked for Non profit digital marketing give her a call at 602-285-1800 or visit www.fsl.org. For more information on Fasturtle services, learn more about digital marketing or get a FREE website assessment visit www.fasturtle.com or call 888-Go-Turtle.

Eric Olsen and Rebecca Ogle; Content Writing Specialist at Fasturtle discuss 6 good reasons to combine content marketing and PR plus how social media has changed and is driving business success. Fasturtle has created a social media dashboard that helps companies of all sizes manage their social media accounts and create content to better engage with clients and prospects; visit https://www.fasturtle.com/so-shell/ to learn more. Abbie Fink of HMA Public Relations stops in to discuss how PR has changed over the years with the social media explosion and how HMA has helped companies manage their social media and public relations initiatives. For a free website assessment visit www.fasturtle.com or call 888-468-8785 today.

Link: Read more at http://fasturtle.moneyradionetwork.com/six-good-reason-to-combine-pr-and-content-markeitng-plus-how-social-media-can-drive-success-on-your-content-marketing-special-guest-abbie-fink-from-hma-public-relations#xp7OoO7ctGjgsZbI.99