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The Auction Block

The Auction Block is a weekly radio program that is designed to take away the fear and intimidation of buying at an auction. Learn from the Pros every Tuesday @ 1pm!

The Auction Block is a weekly radio program that is designed to take away the fear and intimidation of buying at an auction. Learn from the Pros every Tuesday @ 1pm!

As the big car week in Scottdale comes to an end,  we would like to give a BIG “Thank You” to the people over at Russo and Steele for spending so much time with the #moneyradio team last week. Tune in as the crew visits with Darin Roberge from Russo and Steele to discuss the auction,  the cars,  the events and everything in between. It’s all right here on #TheAuctionBlock! 


Collector car auctions are a perfect place to witness the incredible teamwork and communication between the Auctioneer and their Ringman. On today’s show, we are keeping up with January’s classic car auction conversation, only this time Jason and Sean talk with one of the busiest and best Ringman in the industry. He’s joining us to share some perspective and stories from years of working the floor among all the potential buyers and spectators at these high line events. Tune in as Ryan Reed joins us on #TheAuctionBlock! 

January is finally here!  That means Scottsdale is about to come to life as collector cars of all varieties roll across the auction block.  The biggest and best all gear up for this month’s events. Last time we talked about cars we were joined by one of the best bid callers in the scene.  Today we wanted to have that conversation from another perspective,  tune in as Keith and Todd Stribling from Arizona Estate Flyers join Sean and Jason on #TheAuctionBlock! 

Jason and Tim are at the studio, LIVE, to talk with Kelly Faris from Auction.com, A Ten-X Company. An exciting show with an exciting new guest for the first show of the NEW YEAR! The guys are breaking down the tips and tricks of foreclosure auctions. Sean is on location from the trusty sale that takes place every Tuesday downtown on the courthouse steps.

After hearing from one of the leading authority’s on auction law,  we wanted to grab some thoughts and tips from the owner of a local auction firm that has sold it all.  If you are looking to sell or buy anything from real estate, autos,  furniture or high-end antiques Erik Hoyer CAI is your guy.  His firm is set up to market all types of assets and today he joins us on #TheAuctionBlock to give some tips on remaining diligent as you select an auction firm to work with.  

Auctions can be fast, fun, and transparent. Here on the show auction is certainly the preferred method of marketing goods.  But what happens when somebody has a bad auction experience? Believe it or not, auctions are heavily regulated and today Jason and Sean are joined by someone that many considered to be the leading authority on auction law and its respective uniform commercial codes. Tune in as Mike Brandly joins us on #TheAuctionBlock!

Auctions and collectibles go hand in. Whether you’re into collector cars,  vinyl, baseball cards or even toys,  you’ve got to know where to turn to find the pieces you might be searching for or where to take your collection if you’re looking to liquidate. Today on #TheAuctionBlock Jason and Sean are joined by industry vet Mitch Jordan and Tim Arbolida. Everyone kicks in some advice and some stories about personal experiences collecting. They even check out a massive TWO-day #Starwars collectible auction coming up just in time for the movie release.