How to make it, spend it, and invest it

14 Sep 2018

Mastering Money 9/14/18

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We’ve all heard the rather arrogant old billionaire who hates annuities and thinks you should too! It must be nice to be a billionaire, and not ever have to worry about things like guarantees, safety of principal, protection from market crashes, and protection for heirs. The truth is, annuities aren’t made for billionaires, and no billionaire can truly understand why, when planning for thirty years of retirement,  you would want actual guarantees of principal and income in your financial plan. Today, we’ll define and clarify exactly why the billionaire is simply wrong, and which types of annuities are the most effective. If you are a non-billionaire,  you don’t want to miss today’s fact-filled show. MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!