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13 Jul 2018

Mastering Money 7/13/18

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According to the last census in 2010, there are one hundred and thirty-one million households in the United States. Statistics show that there were about 360,000 house fires that year and only one in ten burned to the ground–MEANING– that the odds of your house burning to the ground are about one in three thousand! Compare that to the odds of needing long-term care one day for a 65 year old male–one in two– and a TWO IN THREE chance for women! ..In other words, a financial setback due to long term care is over a thousand times  more likely than your house burning down! Today, Steve will reveal several smart ways to help cover long-term care expenses that guarantee you will get more out than you put in and in some cases up to seven TIMES more! You don’t want to miss today’s show!    You don’t want to miss today’s show! MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!