How to make it, spend it, and invest it

14 Jun 2018

Mastering Money 6/14/18

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

When is the best time to retire—during a bull market or a BEAR market? Studies show that every one percent gain in the S & P increases the likelihood of those considering retirement to take the plunge and retire, by a factor of 2.5%. In other words, hard data shows that a person on the verge of retirement is 25% more likely to go ahead and retire if the S & P is up by 10%. If it is up by 20% the likelihood of deciding to retire rises by 50%. So, most people choose a bull market to retire into. Here’s the problem—retiring near the end of a bull market increases the risk of income failure in retirement– dramatically! On today’s show, we’ll share data on just how risky it is to retire into an aging bull market, especially with these low interest rates. Steve will then explain how clients are retiring on a six figure income even if they don’t have a million dollars.   MASTERING MONEY IS IN THE AIR!!