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12 Apr 2018

Mastering Money 4/12/18

Post by MoneyRadio Staff

Who pays what share of this tax under the new tax law? Are the middle class and poverty-stricken shouldering the load, or the more wealthy? Politicians are unclear, but if we follow the facts where they lead us, we find that fully 87% of all taxes payed in 2018 will be payed by the top 20% of income earners. And most people earning less than thirty thousand a year, will pay no tax or receive a credit from the Treasury. In other words, the system is already heavily weighted against those who make the most money. But are there some hidden tax secrets in the code that you really need to be aware of? We’ll reveal the results of a Wall Street Journal study on the new tax law, so don’t miss today’s show!  MASTERING MONEY is on the air!