How to make it, spend it, and invest it

7 Feb 2019

Mastering Money 2/7/19

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Wall Street has long promoted keeping 60 percent of your money in stocks and 40 percent in bonds as the ultimate retirement strategy, claiming an average of 8 percent returns over time. Is that figure reliable, or is it just sloppy advice in light of today’s high markets and historic low interest rates? Brett Arends of the Wall Street Journal performed in-depth research to determine the viability and effectiveness of the 60-40 portfolio over the past 80 years. His findings? Except for two periods of dramatically declining interest rates, the 60-40 portfolio is in his words “full of holes.” And today with bond rates so low, the risk of income shortfall from a traditional portfolio has never been higher according to Ernst & Young. Today, Steve will review exactly why your bond funds are at risk, and how quickly a retirement portfolio could be hurt if both stocks and bonds fall at the same time–which is a distinct possibility! Don’t miss today’s show…MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!